The Wiz Filming Locations

The 1978 movie musical “The Wiz” was a retelling of L. Frank Baum’s classic “The Wizard of Oz” with an all-black cast, featuring iconic performers such as Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor. The film was directed by Sidney Lumet and produced by Rob Cohen, and was a critical and commercial failure upon its initial release. However, over the years, the film has gained a cult following and is now considered a classic of African American cinema.

Diana Ross in Corona Park

One of the most memorable aspects of “The Wiz” is its stunning New York City locations. The film was shot in various locations throughout the city, including Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. In this blog post, we will take a virtual tour of three of the most iconic locations in the park that were featured in the film.

  1. The New York State Pavilion – The New York State Pavilion is a large, circular structure that was also built for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair. In “The Wiz,” the pavilion serves as the exterior of the Wizard’s palace. The pavilion’s distinctive “Tent of Tomorrow” roof is visible in several scenes. The structure is currently closed to the public due to safety concerns but it is still an iconic part of the park.
  2. The Overpass – The Bridge is a pedestrian overpass that spans across an expressway. It gained fame for being the location where Michael Jackson and Diana Ross filmed the musical number “Ease on down the Road” in the 1978 film adaptation of “The Wiz.” The overpass serves as a convenient link for pedestrians and serves as a iconic symbol of the film.
  3. The New York Hall of Science – The exterior of the building, located in Queens, New York, served as The Emerald City Motel in the 1978 film adaptation of “The Wiz.” The building was used to depict the magical and futuristic city in the film

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a great place to visit for fans of “The Wiz” and for anyone looking to experience some of New York City’s history and architecture. These three locations are just a small sample of the many iconic spots in the park that were featured in the film. It’s always a great idea to visit these places and relive the magic of the film.