Welcome to Carl Brain, owner of @CoronaPark and @KingsParkPsych. Carl is a content creator, photographer and influencer, who has gained recognition for his stunning visual storytelling and unique perspectives. His work has been featured on Vogue.com and other major media platforms.

Discover the world of Carl Brain, explore his photography and videography work, and learn about his brand. Follow the journey as he captures the beauty of the world and shares it with his audience. You can also find information about his upcoming projects and events, and even purchase some of his work as a print. Whether you’re a fan of photography, a content creator yourself, or just someone looking for inspiration, you’ll find something to enjoy here. Dive into the world of Carl Brain today!

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Here is a list of photography and videography services offered by Carl Brain:

  1. Portrait Photography: Carl specializes in capturing stunning portraits of individuals, families, and groups.
  2. Event Photography: Carl covers events such as parties, conferences, and business events, providing professional and high-quality images.
  3. Fashion Photography: Carl works with fashion designers, models and clothing brands to produce dynamic and visually pleasing images that showcase their products and models.
  4. Commercial Photography: Carl produces photographs for use in commercial settings such as advertising and product promotions.
  5. Landscape Photography: Carl captures the beauty of nature and the world around us, from breathtaking landscapes to cityscapes and architecture.
  6. Video Production: Carl creates dynamic and engaging videos for a variety of purposes, such as commercials, music videos, and corporate videos.
  7. Time-lapse Photography and videography: Carl can create visually stunning time-lapse videos that capture the beauty of nature or any other subject in motion.
  8. Stop-motion videography: Carl can create visually interesting stop-motion videos that capture the subject in different stages of motion.

This list is not exhaustive, and Carl Brain may offer other services based on the client’s needs.

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