Queens Rising

The Queen’s Night Market, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary delights, recently played host to the much-anticipated launch event of Queen’s Rising

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the highly anticipated launch event of Queen’s Rising at the Queen’s Night Market. As a passionate photographer and videographer, I was ecstatic to capture the essence and excitement of this remarkable event. I’ll take you through my experience and shed light on the significance of my passion project, @coronapark.

Unveiling Queen’s Rising: I attended the meeting held at the Queens Museum and was instantly in love with the mission of this great cause. Stepping into the Queen’s Night Market was like immersing myself in a world of vibrant energy and diverse culinary delights. The launch event of Queen’s Rising was a celebration of local entrepreneurs and artists, and I was determined to visually narrate their journeys, passions, and creations.

Photography and videography hold incredible power to transport viewers to a specific moment and evoke emotions. With my camera in hand, I moved through the bustling crowd, capturing the vibrant colors, smiling faces, and the incredible artistic displays that filled the market.

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Each photograph and video I took aimed to encapsulate the passion, creativity, and resilience of the vendors and performers. I strived to tell their stories through my lens, showcasing their dedication and the profound impact they were making on the local community.

@coronapark: A Passion Project: Throughout my time at the Queen’s Night Market, the presence of @coronapark, was undeniable. @coronapark is dedicated to celebrating the history of Flushing Meadows Corona Park and now watching it as it transforms into vibrant community hub, where people can gather, engage in activities, and foster a sense of unity. while embracing its history as home to numerous World’s Fair’s and its presence as a NYC Landmark and Icon. Iconic LOL

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My commitment to @coronapark stems from my belief that communities thrive when they have access to safe and inclusive spaces. I intertwine this philosophy into my photography and videography work by capturing the interactions between individuals within these transformed spaces. The images and videos I capture serve as a testament to the profound impact Flushing Meadows Corona Park has on the Queens community’s well-being.

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Photographing and videographing the Queen’s Rising launch event at the Queen’s Night Market was an exhilarating experience for me. Through my lens, I was able to immortalize the passion, talent, and vibrancy of the event, preserving the stories of local entrepreneurs and artists.

Moreover, my dedication to @coronapark highlighted the transformative power of public spaces in fostering community connections. The launch event of Queen’s Rising showcased the beauty that emerges when individuals come together to create something greater than themselves, and it was a privilege to capture that magic through my photographs and videos.

As I condclude, let us remember the importance of supporting local initiatives, celebrating diversity, and embracing the creative spirit within our communities. The Queen’s Rising launch event was a testament to the remarkable experiences that unfold when people unite to make a difference, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share those moments with the world.

Stay tuned for the photos and videos of the event posted here and on socials!

Have a HAPPY PRIDE MONTH and Thanks for reading.