Cherry Blossoms

2022 Cherry Blossoms during sunset

I started visiting Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the early 2010’s and what started as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession. starting @coronapark in 2016 on Instagram I tried to learn everything I could about this amazing and huge park located right in the middle of Queens NYC. Every spring the park is filled with the most beautiful Cherry Blossoms which eagerly welcome spring and the warming of the harsh winter. Thousands of people come to take photos and the ultimate SELFIE! but also, to see the peaceful, beautiful, serene landscapes. Did you get to catch any Cherry Blossom blooms this year? Let us know in the comments of the video of a walk-through of the Cherry Blossoms @ Corona Park 2022

enjoy the Cherry Blossoms on bloom now @CoronaPark in Queens NYC